Encourages the young women of Rankin County during their 8th through 12th grade years to build leadership skills, foster good character, and understand the importance of good citizenship.  Crown Club members experience the act of caring for others through community service projects. Membership is selected through an application process.

JARC Advisors:

Mindy Gilmore, Chair
Kaila McCrory, Co-Chair
Shana Hansen
Shea McAlpin
Amanda Runnels
Emily Sills
Jaime Stein
Holly Williams

2016-2017 Officers:

Kayley Stein, President
Madison Eichelberger, Vice-President
Emilee Kyle, Secretary
Madison Brunt, Treasurer

Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs:

Projects – Katie Errington / Raja McLin
Finance – Jean Ross / Audrey Capton
Education – Anna-Scott Parker / Chloe Walters
Publicity – Katherine Walker /Darsey Jones
Social – Anna Vancor / Aidan Hinton
Hospitality – Jordan Therrell
Chaplain – Kylie Hogue